Discussion 13

Final Review; Final Discussion 😭

Antonio Kam
anto [at] berkeley [dot] edu

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  • This is the final section that we'll have together 😭
  • Scheme
    • Due on Friday 😭
    • Submit EC on Thursday
  • HW 10
    • SQL questions - try these ones out (they're pretty hard/fun)
  • HW 11
    • Survey based - around 80% of the course needs to fill it out to get EC
Slides by Antonio Kam (anto@)

Notes from last section

  • What are you doing this summer?/Do you have any plans for the summer?
    • Teaching 61A 👀
      • I think summer 61A is one of the most fun versions of 61A to teach personally speaking
    • Rubik's Cube competitions
      • Western Championships (in Berkeley!)
      • Canadian Championships
      • World Championships (in South Korea 👀)
    • course pathways for cs?
Slides by Antonio Kam (anto@)

Notes from last section

  • cool cs classes
    • 61b
    • 61c
    • data 8/data 100
    • music 158a (if you're in L&S)
  • How to fill in deficiencies on material/how to study
    • past hw/lab/exam questions (hw/lab has different role compared with exam)
      • redownload the files completely and write it from scratch
      • maybe look at the solutions and make sure you understand them
      • do the optional questions (these are very good for practicing once you understand the concepts more)
Slides by Antonio Kam (anto@)

Temperature Check/Vote 🌡️

  • Recursion
  • Mutation (Lists)
  • Trees
  • Linked Lists
  • Generators
  • Scheme
  • SQL
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Slides by Antonio Kam (anto@)

Discussion 0

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What are you hoping to get from taking CS 61A?

  • get a better understanding of python/programming
  • coding foundation
  • applications to public health
  • "A"
  • "ngl I’m trying to switch to EECS and they’re making me take this and there’s a gpa minimum so I’m gonna have to tryhard"
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How are you feeling about CS 61A?

  • Nervous/scared
    • about the rigor of the class
    • about midterm 1
  • Excited
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Slides by Antonio Kam (anto@)

Mental Health Resources

  • CAPS:
    • If you need to talk to a professional, please call CAPS at 510-642-9494.
  • After Hours Assistance
    • For any assistance after hours, details on what to do can be found at this link
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