Discussion 13

Final Review; Final Discussion 😭

Antonio Kam
anto [at] berkeley [dot] edu

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  • This is the final section that we'll have together 😭
  • Scheme
    • due soon
    • submit soon
  • HW 08
    • please fill out the course evaluation form please
    • you can get ec
    • also please spend effort on the written assignment
Slides by Antonio Kam (anto@)

Notes from last section

  • What was the first programming language you learned?
    • Scratch/Java (a very small subset)/Python
  • Your discussions are the only thing getting me through this class
    • omg this means the world to me 🥺
  • the discussion was really good great job good pacing and i learned a lot even tho i didnt watch the lecture
Slides by Antonio Kam (anto@)

What people like about CS 61A

  • generally speaking:
    • very fun
    • learning a lot
    • very hard
Slides by Antonio Kam (anto@)

What are you hoping to get from taking CS 61A?

  • coding skills
  • friends
  • learning cs
  • an A
Slides by Antonio Kam (anto@)

How are you feeling about CS 61A?

  • Nervous/scared
    • about the rigor of the class
    • about midterm 1
  • Excited
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Temperature Check/Vote 🌡️

  • Recursion
  • Mutation (Lists)
  • Trees
  • Linked Lists
  • Generators
  • Scheme
  • SQL
Slides by Antonio Kam (anto@)


Slides by Antonio Kam (anto@)

Mental Health Resources

  • CAPS:
    • If you need to talk to a professional, please call CAPS at 510-642-9494.
  • After Hours Assistance
    • For any assistance after hours, details on what to do can be found at this link
Slides by Antonio Kam (anto@)

Anonymous Feedback Form

Thanks for coming! 🥳

Please give me feedback on what to improve!

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